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  1. Carrie C.

    What a great alternative to unhealthy hot dogs and gooey marshmallows like we roast here in the US. My nephews love to cook things over the fire, but none of us really care for marshmallows and I don’t like to feed them hot dogs often. We’ll try this, thank you!

  2. Leticia Larsen Justus

    I agree with Carrie above that this is a wonderful alternative to other things we bonfire roast here in the States.
    It looks so inviting and tasty . Thank you Kim for sharing and showing this recipe !

  3. Jamie Wickens

    I tried to search for this in Danish but
    Didn’t come up with anything until
    I tried “Danish bonfire bread” in
    English and your site popped up.

    Thanks for the fall dinner idea.

  4. Kim Kjaerside

    Hello Kim, from another Kim (also a guy from DK, but now living in Scotland). These were a great treat when we were young and I’ll be showing the local guys how to make Snobrød ??Mange Tak

  5. mary martindale

    I recently was at a bonfire where this bread was served and it was delicious. I am wondering if this can be done in a traditional oven. I do not have access to a bonfire

  6. Becki

    Hi Kim, I have seen this recipie made with beer which replaces the yeast. I am making this bread in the woods with a youth group on Friday and won’t have time for it to rise with this yeast recipie.
    What do you think??

    • Kim Nielsen

      I haven’t seen this recipe with beer. However, it sounds interesting. I think it might work. You can also make the dough the evening before and only add like 10 grams of fresh yeast. Then you just keep it cold in the fridge until you need it.

  7. MacKenzies

    Saw this at a German village fest. The kids seemed to be having lots of fun “baking” their bread. Thanks for the recipe. Planning to do this with the grandkids camping this summer.

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